Educational Correspondence From the Social Security Administration

The Social Security Administration will begin mailing “Educational Correspondence” notices to businesses and employers whose W2 Forms contain name and.. read more →

27 Aug 2018
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Qualified Business Income Explained

The Qualified Business Income (QBI) deduction is one of the most significant changes of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.. read more →

13 Jul 2018
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Elimination of Entertainment Expense Deduction

This is one change you may not have heard about in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA):.. read more →

17 Apr 2018
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CPA Consulting Group Is Moving in May

CPA Consulting Group, LLP is excited to announce that we are moving locations! Sometime in May, 2018 CPA Consulting Group.. read more →

26 Mar 2018
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Family and Medical Leave Act Credit

There is a new income tax credit available for employers under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) of 2017… read more →

07 Mar 2018
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Deterring Employee Theft

Whether you are just deciding to hire an internal bookkeeper or have employed one for years, the driving force behind.. read more →

06 Feb 2018
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Merger with Cordell Fonnesbeck, CPA, P.C. and Bill Cubin New Partner

CPA Consulting Group, LLP is proud to announce a merger between the accounting practice of Cordell Fonnesbeck, CPA, P.C. and.. read more →

04 Jan 2018
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End of Year Charitable Giving 2017

The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act is a significant tax law change that will be enacted effective for 2018. However,.. read more →

28 Dec 2017
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It appears very likely a significant tax law change will be enacted by Congress effective for 2018. However, any change.. read more →

04 Dec 2017
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Equifax Security Breach – Part 2

According to Equifax’s website,, the amount of personal information compromised by their security breach is mind boggling. 143 million.. read more →

26 Sep 2017
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Equifax Security Breach – Part 1

Are you a potential victim of the Equifax security breach? Since an estimated 143 million records were compromised, chances are.. read more →

25 Sep 2017
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